Story Board -Red Riding-hood


The Story I was assigned to create a game on is Red riding hood:

I decided to change some of the story’s details as the story is about a girl called red riding hood who was asked by her mum to get some cakes for her granny, but what happened when she went on her journey is that she was tracked by a wolf. The wolf couldn’t reach her as she escaped so instead it went to the house she is living in and and fitted itself in her granny’s body. It then tried to eat the girl while at the end she killed him with the help of the woodcutter. What I’m changing in the story is that the wolf will follow the girl but not to eat her, but to protect her from the angry bull that saw her red clothes and got mad because of the color.

This will let me fit the whole story into a game similar to the Pokemon cartoon which the hero of the cartoon with the aid of some creatures like animals are fighting other animals and escaping from them. So it will be a game that starts with a girl running into the woods and then choosing a wolf friend that will help her to over come the beast which is the bull, then both of them will cooperate with their techniques to kill this monster and over come the level to face a more powerful bull chasing the girl’s red clothes.


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