Reflection on the game process

Our project was mainly considered with the huge problem everyone face in Egypt which is the traffic and the drivers who have no clue about the driving techniques and information. Thus we decided to create a game that is educational and fun at the same time. The way we made a game was made to let people feel like they are on a real road, so we made it in for of map with 3 roads. Each player will have a small car that he will start his journey with and a dice.

The game should be played as follows:

1- You have to pick a card that include certain questions about; road signs, car mechanics, places in Egypt, and situations that would happen to you (accidents).

2- Then if you answer the question right you will have the chance of rolling the dice.

3- The number you get on the dice is the number of steps you will move.

4- The first one to reach the finish line with his car is the winner. \


There are two aims behind those questions; first to test how good you are as a driver and the 2nd is to let you know what you didn’t know before.

Developing the game:

Our idea started with making a sequence of questions on the computer and when you answer each question you get certain points and go further. The idea was simple and boring with no so much fun, then we tried to develop the whole issue and we though about making a board game with cards and some part of luck in it (dice). We also tried to make a fun part which is if you didn’t get the answer correct and you still want to roll the dice you may accept a challenge from your friends playing with you and if you made what is asked from you, you will have the chance of rolling the dice.

What I wanted to change after play-testing the game:

Dr. Sherif gave me an idea that would make the game more advanced. The idea was to give people before the beginning of the game a sort of fuel for their cars to move, and with every right answer they get some fuel and with every wrong one they loose more fuel. I liked the idea but I added part from my own which is giving them small pictures of tanks, safety triangles (used on road if you stop the car), maintenance, and other things related to the cars mechanics and safety. This would make the game more interesting and more developed than what we did.


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